Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Urg. I spent Monday and Tuesday home sick with some sort of bug. Mild fever, mild headache, some stomach pain, a brief bout of nausea... Didn't eat much, slept a bit more than normal. I'm mostly-better now, though. I'm back at work, anyway.

I've been having some weird dreams lately.. and remembering them. In no particular order, some of the dreams I've had:
  • Keman and I bought a house. We accidentally got one with a garage. It had a driveway, and three numbered parking spaces on the street. I first realized it had a garage when I saw the outside of the garage door, but for some reason I didn't remember it having one. I went inside, and tried to find the garage. Best I could do was find the laundry room, which looked like it might be big enough to be a garage. It had a door to the outside, which led me to the side of the house right next to the garage door. I pushed a button on the side of the garage door, and it opened.
  • Keman decided we didn't need the protein skimmer on the aquarium, so he took it apart.
  • We were going to dinner with Orin, Doron, Bramble, Alkabo, and maybe a few others. The place we went was on the 50th floor of some building in Manhattan. The elevator ride was very long. I was wearing a USMC t-shirt, and felt under-dressed. Then I saw Emily there, also wearing a t-shirt. Apparently her parents were taking us to dinner. We went to the restaurant my boss's son works at, though he didn't seem to be working that night. Then my boss showed up.
  • I've also been having various non-specific or at least non-memorable Second Life dreams.

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