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knot bad...

Despite Galens headache, he still pumped iron last night pretty well. I'll give him some credit where it's deserved. We still ended things short, but I could tell that if we pushed it any more he'd just vomit his dinner up between sets and we don't want that happening. This time I've got advil in the truck so no excuses...

In other news... the physhtank is looking good. The 5' tall protein skimmer I constructed is doing it's job well, there is almost no algae either micro or macro in the tank at this point. It's looking very healthy. As the air has become drier though evaporation is reaching a problematic state- we're losing about 3 gallons of water per day. My sump only has about 5 gallons in reserve so if we miss topping it off overnight the next day has the protein skimmer pump sucking in much more air than it's supposed to. It's poor impeller which I mangled to increase airation is not a happy camper right now. Any day I'm gonna come home nad find it siezed up. There is a 6 stage reverse osmosis / carbon / de-ionize water filter in the mail right now though along with a float valve. Once installed correctly topping off the tank will never need to be done again. Yay!

A note about christmas and all the shopping that's expected. I noted someone else ranting about this so I'll chime in.

I fscking hate christmas shopping. I think it's pointless, thoughtless, and ridiculous.

That being said our aquarium is in need of Fiji live rock- about 80lbs of the stuff @ $6/lb, as well as another long fingered anenome.

No, seriously- I buy gifts for people year-round. Often I'll add it with a "Consider this your next _________ present." simply because when I see something that I know someone will like and I can afford to buy it for them, I do so.

Making it a /responsibility/ to have to go out and FIND something to buy for someone ... is just a (wait for it) stupid human thing that I don't wanna do. There. I said it.


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Dec. 8th, 2004 07:41 pm (UTC)
Ha. Don't think that gets you out of buying a Christmas present for me, wuff. I've already ordered yours, UPS says it's scheduled to be delivered on the 13th. *evil grin*

I also think we could do with other types of live rock, unless there's a problem mixing them. There are some other ones that look nice, but are a tad more expensive, some of them are as much as $10/lb or more. And another anemone would definately be nice, but how about one that is a bit more colorful than the one we have?
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