Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Further evidence that america blows and caters to the lowest common denominator:

Canada gets REAL coca-cola.

Yeah. That's right. It's got sugar in it. Just like coca-cola used to have in this country. But we americans are too "stupid" to understand the taste between sugar and corn-syrup. Plus there is some preferential treatment being offered to our farm/corn industry. (???!)

Trust me, the taste difference is huge. I had some canadian coca-cola last night from the can and it was like a time-warp to back when I was a kid and this stuff was this way in this country:
When you pour
it into the glass, the fizz is real fine and has a light hiss, and it slowly but surely settles down to the surface, creating an echo-like effect as it does so.

You don't get that with corn syrup. It's much bigger bubbles and is stickier.

This doesn't even touch the health benefits of corn syrup vs. sugar. CS sucks.

I'd be willing to pay extra to get coca-cola with real sugar in it ... but ... sucks to be me, I'm a dumb fucking american what do I know? Pour me shit and make me like it...

We are the stupid unwashed masses.

Oh and as for the comment of I can leave any time I want? You know what? It's just as likely for me to kick your ass out, as far as that's gonna happen.

How the hell did we let this happen???
If we're
the best in the world, why do we get the worst, the cheapest, the shittiest, the least complicated?
- Keman
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