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America is a 3rd world country, in effect, now. Not out of desperation, but out of self imposed political limitations. That we've let ourselves reach this point should be a wakeupcall for voters. Compared to the rest of the world we have:

Inferior, overpriced, and limited selection of medications.

Healthcare that's virtually impossible to afford for a large percentage of the population.

Excessive industrial pollution with the governing bodys applying all critique to the areas that DONT pollute and turn a well paid blind eye to the ones that do. (Power plants and the farm industry continue to dump craploads into the air while our cars output cleaner air than they input and the EPA is still demanding more out of automakers. California will poison groundwater and give people cancer stuffing MTBE into gasoline for that extra 1/10th of a percent cleaner emission. We prove that MTBE causes cancer and poisons the groundwater, California accepts it, and IT STILL GETS PUMPED every day.)

A government so irate it attacks other countries "pre emptively" (But there were clearly WMD.. not)

"Dumbed down" driving skills, no promotion for greater driving intelligence. (In Africa, it's common to just drive and swerve to avoid other cars, there are no real 'lanes' to speak of) We get a "defensive driving" mentality, which really is just an illusion of skill. "defensive driving" is really just "passive driving" .. whereupon you do not pay attention to anything going on around you. This driving in a vacuum doesn't promote accident awareness.

A police force that exists as a form of taxation. (Ticket quotas anyone?)

Dumbed down automobile selections, to prevent bad accidents with our poor driving skills. (Only in america does the Honda S2000 get ruined suspension to reduce the number of accidents by making it understeer like a pig because americans aren't taught how to deal with an oversteer condition during driver education. In fact americans aren't aught ANYTHING about how a car handles and instead are educated on how to park and make a left turn)

Heavy religious biased government that favors one religion and discriminates directly against others. (That latest bill saw to that. You're not christian? Sorry. You're not hired.)

An economy that continues to push poor people into poorer living conditions, and the rich continue to reinforce their positions of being able to make more money.

An educational system that gets a bottom priority in federal funding. We'll fund a useless war but we're out of dough when it comes to schools. Unless it's a religious school...

I'm ashamed to live in america. The worst part about it is seeing the rest of the world advance, and seeing us convince ourselves that we're advancing when in reality we're retreating, caught up in a constant cater to the lowest common denominator. We have the illusion of liberty, the illusion of freedom, the illusion of choice. Fewer notice and still fewer people do anything but leverage themselves against it, supporting the problem, every day.

I read amazing articles written by extremely intelligent people about the nature of all this all the time. The information is out there! But noone looks for it. Noone cares. We've lost our spirit, our will. We've turned into zombies. The
majority of this country still believes that Saddam was responsible for 9/11.

America is the ubiquitous short-bus, full of retarded people who have no idea of the world that's passing them by.

Abadon hope all yee who enter. The "american dream" stopped being realized a long time ago.

Just my .02

- Keman
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