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So, yeah. While Keman was working on burning down the house soldering copper pipes together for the sink (a project that was supposed to be around $50 and ended up being more like $250 after two trips to Home Despot) I was busy having wild mood swings, from anger to depression to I don't know what else. I read some, I fell asleep some, and when I woke up I was kinda better. Which is good, 'cause I had friends over tonight for a LARP. Except I'm still kinda depressed, the game was just a distraction from it.

I don't really know how to explain what went on today. I can't put it into words.. Which is frustrating, because I can't explain it to Keman. I meant some of what I said to him today, but probably not all of it. I wish I could really explain to him how I'm feeling right now. I need him to be there for me, and.. well, right now he's not. Not in the way I need him, anyway. I dunno if that's a bad thing, or just a thing. I tried telling him... I guess I just couldn't get him to see how I'm feeling. Or maybe he understands, but can't give me what I need right now. He tried telling me that, I guess I just don't understand him any more than he understands me. Not tonight, anyway.

No more WB for Galen.
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