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Ten things _____ _____ _____ done. (Fill in the blanks)

1. Had sex with .... nevermind.
2. Worn a collar locked around my neck for a year.
3. Built a homemmade cannon and shot metal bullets at a friend-- and we both laughed as I kept missing!
4. Trained as a canine under drug induced hypnosis by an active duty psi-ops marine. (Wish I remember more of that experience)
5. Been chipped as a canine and registered.
6. Consumed non FDA approved drugs imported from overseas.
7. Had a container of molten lead explode in my face.
8. Had experimental burn treatment used to prevent the scarring.
9. Made a deal with God to have a fistfight sometime.
10. Had a limb catch on fire. (3rd degree burns)
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