Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Non-Madrigal weekend

I missed this past Madrigal event due to Grand Lodge activities.  Could folks please fill me in on the details of some of what went on?  I've been getting bits and pieces from journals, but a full rundown would be helpful.
  • Azerhoten wanted us to get something that fell on the Night of Falling Stars?  What's that all about?  What are the implications of such an object?
  • Path of Erionth was completed?  So, is the Gold Man awake now?  Or is that still "TBD"?  Do we have all the items we need?
  • Malediction trees - does this have anything to do with Wickford's Weald guy?
  • Nexuses - anything alarming happen?
  • AEotE - Are we any closer to getting the Crown of Tides?

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