Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

I recently came across some poetry I wrote back in '03 for a creative writing class I was taking at the time.  I cleaned it up a bit (some of the poems were, at the time, intended to be incomplete) and will be posting them here as time permits over the next week or two.

The first:  Tide.

The tide sweeps in
Bringing with it the broken hull of a ship lost at sea
The tattered sail
The broken mast
The twisted, water-choked beams
The remnants of forgotten voyage
The tide sweeps in
Bringing with it
The fruit of the ocean
Fish, crab, shrimp,
And what was once a whale
The tide sweeps in
Bringing with it a relentless tearing down of the shoreline
Beating back of a seawall
But also more silt to create a sandy beach
The tide sweeps in
Carrying in its wake a surfer
Bountiful harvest for gulls
White-capped peaks, a liquid mountain, ever flowing, ever changing,
a delight to a child’s eyes.
Gleeful child, playing on the beach, building
A sand castle.  Frantically digging moats, or putting up walls
Before the surf tears it down.  Inevitable.
The tide sweeps in
Bringing with it change, destruction and rebirth
Death, life, chaos, relentless order
The tide sweeps in
And in the end, when all that is to come has come
The tide turns around, and sweeps back out again.
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