Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Code Orange

Hmm.  Odd experience going through Richmond Int'l Airport security this evening.  I was the ONLY person going through, and there were 4 TSA people standing around.  I get up to the checkpoint and start getting ready to go through - shoes come off, camera bag is open, laptops come out of my backpack and into separate bins.. . All the signs of knowing what I'm doing.  They tell me to take off my belt - I note that my belt doesn't set off the metal detectors, they tell me to take it off anyway (something no other airport security has ever done.)  I comply, then they tell me to empty my pockets - despite having already taken my keys and phone out and put them in my backpack.  I tell them I don't have any metal, they say "Empty your pockets means empty your pockets" - in a rather rude tone of voice, no less.  I comment that I fly every month, and and know what needs to come out to go through the metal detector - at which point they tell me I'm not going through the metal detector, I'm going through the full body scanner.  Well okay, I guess I don't really care all THAT much, though I sort of prefer not going through those (don't ask me why, I don't know.)  So I step into the scanner, they tell me to raise both my arms above my head.  Now, this is where I get a bit perturbed.  I've had shoulder problems off and on, and the past week has been more 'on' than 'off'.  Not even thinking about it immediately I  raise my arms, and feel the familiar twinge of pain in my right shoulder.  I immediately drop my arm, and tell them that I can't get my arm all the way up due to a shoulder problem.  At this point they start getting a little bit more polite.  They tell me that next time I don't have to go through the scanner, I can just go up to the guy at the end for a manual screen.  I walk up to him, and start to "assume the position."  Before I'm even in position and before he's done anything, he gets a call on his radio, responds  "Affirmative", looks at me and says "Thank you sir, you're clear."

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