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Friday I ordered a 125khz RFID security reader kit with an extended range antenna.

When installed in the lightning along with a remote-start kit, the end result will be that I will no longer have to carry car keys with me. The existing key-code buttons below the door handle unlock the doors when I enter the code. Then when I sit down, the AVID chip in my back gets scanned and verified, and the truck starts up by itself. Within 100 seconds I can flip a manual switch and it'll keep running until I turn it off when I arrive at my destination. Ignition key? The lock cylinder is going to be taken out and I'll figure out a way to make it look neat with it missing.

The code scanner comes with 5 RFID wallet cards, so I can hand one to Galen if he wants to drive the truck. He already knows the security code to enter it and lock the doors.

I'm ecstatic about this installation, I've been waiting to utilize my chip for years now and since the kit was only $25 ... how can I go wrong?

I'd love to see a thief try to steal the Lightning after I put this in. If he doesn't have a tow truck, I hope he's good with wiring cuz it'll take HOURS to figure out just how fucked up I've made it. :)

- Keman
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