Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

The saga continues...

Remember the ongoing saga of my new AC/heat pump installation? Here's the latest... The guy comes today to connect the water line for the humidifier, and realizes that there's no power outlet close enough to plug it in. He "should" have known this, because the guy who was here last week identified that and said they'd have to either run a new outlet or hardwire it.


I figured I would do a quick walkthrough to make sure that everything was done properly, cleanly, etc. I'm checking model numbers, and realize that the outside unit is a 24ANA136, whereas it's supposed to be a 25HNA936. Hey, maybe it's just a difference between last year's model vs. this year's, but I ask the guy and he said "It's a 24? That's not right, that's just an AC not a heat pump!" He goes out to check, and sure enough, the unit they installed isn't a heat pump. Now they have to come back out here *AGAIN*, and replace the entire outside unit - a not insignificant task.

Why do I have such bad luck with contractors?
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