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What a weekend...

Whew, what a weekend... I am very sore.

Installed two 20 amp circuits in the house. One goes to the computer area, the other to the aquarium. Romex 12/2+ground sells at Homo Depot for $15.31/50' or $28.90/250' ... I needed 100'. So. Lets see. I can spend more.. and get less.. or I can save $2 and get 250 freaking feet. We now have a SPOOL of Romex. I wonder if it works well for bondage. Anyone for electrical play? har har... har... laugh with me damnit.

Aquarium lighting system got a total revamp.

Out went the two 18 month old Coralvue 20,000 kelvin 250 watt metal halide bulbs. R.I.P. They were color shifting pretty bad and were definitely showing their age. In went one new 250 watt Coralvue replacement, at the opposite end of a new 175 watt Coralvue 20,000 kelvin bulb. Why a 175? Cuz I got the ballast for $12 on ebay a few weeks ago and since these suckers can cost $150+ anywhere when not packaged up in some neat non-industrial looking rig it was definitely worth buying. It's a potted ballast so it basically looks like a big long black fluorescent ballast on steroids. Same as my 250's. They weigh in around 40 lbs each. So. That got wired up and mounted to the studs in the wall behind the tank.

Here's the awesome part. One of the 250 watt ballasts now powers a 6,500 kelvin Iwasaki EYE lamp. We're talking 96 CRI here. It's a streaming beam of white sunshine ... and the 425 watts of 20k blue even it out better than any actinic could hope for, creating the same color you get at around 30' of depth. The end result is a shimmering ray of sunlight straight into the tank that is just breathtaking to look at. I've got the "actinics" coming on at dawn and dusk, and the Iwasaki fires up around high noon and shuts off towards the early evening.

At night the aquarium shimmers very dimly with a half dozen white LED's. Moonlight at it's finest...

On friday night I went with Alaskanwolf to get his nipples pierced. Mm. I got one hell of a rush watching that. Almost as much as when I got mine done. The endorphins were so powerful I almost passed out. Usually that sort of 'transference" for lack of better terms doesn't happen to that degree. For whatever reason sometimes when I watch someone experience pain, I feel it myself. It's instant, and really inexplicable. It's not the blood, I can watch surgury on TV all day long and am perfectly happy watching the blood fill vials when doctors stick me with needles etc. It's specifically -pain- ... I guess the endorphins are proof that it's not all just up in my head.

Ohwell. Nothing like conning your friends into submitting to intense pain and agony. Tee hee.

When I was in DC we picked up a bottle of Wet Platinum. The big one. The one with a pump on the top, you know .. the one at the far end of the shelf, that's fucking huge. Why? It's cheaper in bulk, and lets face it. You KNOW it's gonna get used sooner or later. I'm tired of running out.

That's it for now. Had monday off, presidents day ... so off comes the collar for the workweek and another 4 days submitting in a different fasion.

- Keman
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