Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

National City Mortgage, how may we make your life more difficult?

My mortgage is through National City Mortgage, which was recently (within the past year?) acquired by PNC Mortgage. Prior to the merger, I had logged into my account on their web page many, many times. I don't log in frequently because there's really not much to do there - once a month, my mortgage balance gets updated, and once a year my escrow responsibility changes (when property tax and homeowners insurance costs get adjusted.)

I tried logging in last night to check my balances, because I recently switched from MS Money to Quicken (and that's a whole 'nother story) and found that I could not log in. According to the site, my account (or someone else's account with my same account name) was locked due to too many failed logins. I tried calling the support number the site told me to call to unlock the account, but of course they were closed (it was only 11pm!)

This morning, I called and got through to someone after navigating an annoying menu with many MANY un-bypassable long pauses in it. She said my loan number didn't show up as having registered for an online account. I knew that to be impossible because I had logged in many times in the past. I insisted that I did have an account, she insisted that I didn't. Finally she mentioned that they upgraded their system 6 months ago. Apparently when they did that, they deleted all the old accounts. And didn't bother telling anyone. Buh.

Well, that's easily taken care of. I registered a new account, and was able to log in. Oh, their password requirements are lame - you CANNOT use any special characters. At all.

Anyway, I poked around in the "new" site (which doesn't look any different from the old one, and still generates mainframey looking reports) and went over to the FAQ to see if I could download transactions into Quicken. Apparently I can't. I did notice a question asking about an escrow overage check - apparently Federal law requires mortgage companies to issue a reimbursement check if the escrow balance is more than $50 over what it should be. My monthly escrow payments are based on the 2008 real estate tax, which is $600 more than the 2009 tax. That means NCM/PCN is collecting $50 more every month than they should be. This has been going on for 6 months - for a current total overage of about $300. That being over the Federally mandated limit, I'm due a refund.

I called back, navigated through the same annoying menu with the same un-bypassable long pauses, and finally got through to someone. The nice lady on the other end of the line said that my next escrow analysis isn't due until December, at which point they will refund any overage. By then they will have charged me another $300 that I don't owe. I pointed out the law, and said that I would like the refund sooner rather than later. She asked if I would like her to do an escrow analysis now... Um, yes? If that's how they determine that I'm due a refund, and I'm asking for a refund, then yes that's what I'd like her to do.

In summary... National City Mortgage (now part of PNC Mortgage) has an annoying phone system, with customer support reps who are helpful only if you are persistent.
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