Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Zen/ came up this weekend, saving me from the mind-numbing boredom that would have happened had he not come (my plans involved him being here, you see, and had he not been here I would have had to cancel some of those plans and thus would have had nothing to do!)

Friday night was cleaning night, as I waited for him to get here. He arrived fairly late, so we didn't go out or anything, just curled up on the couch and watched TV for a bit before bed.

Saturday, I woke up at 6:30am (no really!), went back to bed for half an hour, woke up again and watched him sleep for a little while, then snuck out around 7:30 to get him coffee. Zen is a very sleepy tiger until he has his morning coffee. Zen is also a very sleepy tiger when you get him coffee before he's ready to get out of bed, so I let him sleep for another hour. He's cute when he doesn't quite understand what's going on or why you're handing him something warm and coffee-cup shaped.

Once I got him up, we had breakfast while watching the morning news and something else that I don't remember. Next up was a bike ride, through Lake Acotink Park. Total distance was slightly over 10 miles, some of it on paved road, some on gravel trails, and some on rough single-track trails. We saw some sort of creature out in the middle of the lake - I think it was Nessie's little brother Ackie, but Zen says it was a bird. Otherwise the ride was relatively uneventful... We encountered a couple of other bikers, some joggers, some dogs, and about 100 yards of railroad track. Zen says we probably weren't supposed to ride on it, but nobody saw us so it's okay.

We spent rest of the afternoon shopping for the party, cleaning for the party, and trying not to stress about the party. Folks started showing up relatively on time (in the middle of Donnie Darko), which was cool. After Donnie Darko, we watched the Transformers movie - the ORIGINAL Transformers movie, the animated one with Eric Idle, Leonard Nimoy, etc. Then it was Munchkin, which Zen one (damn tigers, always cheating...)

Sunday, we had brunch down at Houlihan's, then drove around looking for ammo. Apparently 9mm ammo in particular is in very short supply - Zen's on a couple month long waiting list for some down in NC. The gun shop we tried up here had some, but had a limit of 2 per customer and wanted $19 per box of 50. Wal-Mart was currently out of stock but said they got shipments throughout the week, and had a limit of 6 per customer at only $9 per box of 50, so I'm going to check in later this week and see if I can snag some.

Sunday night, Zen had to go home. :(
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