Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Origin: Home
Destination: Home
Via: Wakefield Park, Acotink Park
Total distance: 13.1 miles
Elapsed time: 3 hours
Attempted homicide: 0
Spontaneous thunderstorm: 1
Miles on road: Appx 6.3
Miles off road: Appx 6.8

This started as a random bike ride. I thought I might map out the first part of a route from home to work. I got as far as Wakefield rec center, then remembered something I heard about miles of off-road bike trails in the park. So, of course, I had to try them out! I went as far as I could along one trail, then turned around to explore some others. About that time the wind picked up and I heard the rumbling of thunder in the distance. I made it back to the actual rec center just before the rain started. Waited there for probably about an hour for it to stop, then hit the road again. On my way home, I found another trail and decided to explore. That turned into a long off-road trek around Lake Acotink, partly on manicured gravel trails, partly on completely off-road, wooded trails about a foot wide. Finally, made it home covered in mud.

Overall a good afternoon ride! And now I know I can do a long and challenging trek, so the next step is to find a good road or trail route to work.
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