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Checked the garage out this weekend...

Man what a sweet setup. Concrete wall all the way around, 5 garage doors (electric), one of them dedicated to my mustang / tools / shelves of supplies and whatnot. My friend gave me a key to the place and everything, I just didn't know what to say besides Thanks!! I'm going to help him tear the engine out of his current project asap, he is interested in rebuilding it but doesn't quite know how to do that stuff .. I told him I can probably help in that area. :)

He likes toys too .. just picked up a vinyl 'printer' for lack fo better terms. It's like a printer but it uses a blade to cut out adhesive vinyl graphics. One of the neat tricks he did was to invert an old early 1900's Ford company sign logo and put it on the center rear window of his F250. He then took a sand blaster and sand blasted inside the sticker ... it perfectly etched the glass and when the sticker was removed it's shocking how clean it came out.

So... in short order I'm doing the same to my middle rear window of the Lightning. What design to use? My new tattoo seems appropriate....

Lightning got registered this weekend. Some DMV/Ford glitch made it get permanent Truck plates. I won't need to register it again and it's exempt from smog testing. Forever. Man this is sweet ... unfortunately this meant I had to get the standard Dump Truck issue custom truck plate, so I couldn't get the Fox Hunting association personalized plate I wanted. At least I was able to custom order the truck plate. It says:


And at the bottom it says PERMANENT ... heeheee ! I like it. There is just... this sorta .. manly feeling I get to having a vehicle registered to have a GVW of 14,000 lbs and a GCVW of 33,000 lbs. No, the lightning cannot possibly hold or tow that .. but I'm not going to complain. This is very cool.

Galens company dinner went great ... I had a good time. Drank a lot more than I wanted to but I skipped taking my meds for 2 days in order to handle the alcohol. I handled it great because of that but today as I started taking them again it's absolutely sucked. I'm irritable enough to kill someone with my bare claws just for the pleasure of doing so and my extremities haven't ever been this cold. Urg. Tomorrow I'll be better.
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