Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Galen and I enjoyed eating at IL LUPO last night.

Oh the irony. It shoulda been ILL LUPUS.

Cuz that's what their food made me. Ordinarily I won't complain much about the food that's prepared for me. But for $28 the steak they bring me better be warmer than near-room temperature and cooked correctly. So I sent it back. We got a rather amusing comment almost immediately. "Here you are sir, we apologize greatly for this. Someone else will just have to wait." .. so I ate someone elses food. The wine was fantastic. The crab cake .. tasted good. /tasted/ ....

At 3AM I was hovering over the toilet, wishing I'd just either puke or shit or SOMETHING to make the cramps go away. At 4AM I gave up and crawled into bed. I don't know when I went to sleep. It wasn't early enough.

I got up this morning, dragged myself into the shower, dragged myself downstairs. Then cracked open the bottle of Concerta and snagged a pill. Ok, despite all this I'm focused once again. I need to find another ADD doc. Concerta may not be what I'm after, but I need something more than the WB XL.

Valentines evening was fun, but. Bleh. Talk about ending miserably.
- Keman
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