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Really, really weird dream

The latest in a series of weird dreams I've had... 

I'm scuba diving, with a group but I've gone off on my own to take pictures of something.  The camera I'm using is a little hand-held point and shoot digital camera, sans underwater housing.  I've snapped a couple of pictures of something, when I notice some movement on the rock I was holding on to, to steady myself.  Looking closer, I realize it's a juvenile ray.  I go to take a picture of it, and it sort of rears back.  Through the viewfinder it looks more like a scorpionfish than a ray, and underneath it is a large cleaner shrimp.  I snap a few pictures, then swim to rejoin my group.  Apparently they'd been looking for me. 

We continue the dive, and eventually make our way to a submerged building.  We go inside, and I realize it's some sort of research facility.  Once the doors close, everyone starts taking off their gear!  ///fast forward///  I'm de-geared, and sitting at a table with my laptop out, posting a live-journal entry about how I'm in time zone 'E', at ground level, posting an entry.  This is somehow significant because there is no land in time zone 'E', so ground level is about 100' under water.  For some reason I decide to take a look around the facility, so I shut my laptop, put it on top of a couple pieces of paper I don't want anyone to see, and go wander around.  Glancing out a window, I think I see a car go by...   which is weird, because, well, we're under water!  I look again, and sure enough, there's a car parked out there.  And it has its lights on!  I go back to the common room to tell everyone about it, and of course they don't believe me until someone looks outside and sees the same thing.  Only this time, it's snowing lightly, and there are snowmen getting out of the car.  We all rush to put our gear on, as it looks like they're coming to the door.  At this point I notice my laptop (but not the papers) are missing.  As I'm getting my gear on, my alarm clock goes off and I wake up.

OK, you psychoanalysts out there...  What does this dream mean?


Jan. 15th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
It means you have not properly prepared yourself for the submarine snowman invasion forces, and your brain is reminding you to get to work on that!

… I got nothin'.
Jan. 15th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)


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