Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit


I'm currently in the process of having two of the bathrooms in my house remodeled.  The contractor doing the work has been doing a shoddy job, it's taking far longer than it should, and he's having to re-do work repeatedly in order to get it right.  Many people have suggested I terminate the contract and find someone else.

Last night, I had a dream wherein I was with my parents at a house somewhere (not mine or theirs, or any house that I recognized), getting some remodeling done.  I got pissed at the contractor for doing a terrible job, we got in a shouting match, which culminated in me telling him he was fired, and to get out of my house.  He left, then came back with a gun (revolver, wooden handle).  Seeing him coming, I turned to run, and dove around a corner right as he fired.  He missed, but I decided to lay there and play dead.  He walked up, and shot me in the back of the neck...  Like, walked up, pressed the gun against my spine, and pulled the trigger.  Right as he shot me, I woke up - laying in bed, on my stomach, tingling in my neck, and unable to move for a good 30 seconds.  The unable to move part wasn't frightening at the time, it was more of a...  I dunno...  non-movingness.  Gradually I became aware of my chest/back/shoulders moving as I breathed, then eventually rolled over to go back to sleep.


Edit: I'm told this condition is known as sleep paralysis.
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