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Soup Nazi!!

I arrive at Safeway to obtain dinner for Galen and I last night. Time: 7:05 PM.

Approaching the Deli counter, I see some dude behind it. I'm going to snag two sandwhiches, so he asks me what I want and I tell him. He says:

"We CLOSED. We not make sandwhiches for you."
"Uh. Huh?"
"Er.. I didn't realize you had hours. What are they?"
"We close at 7. You come back at 6AM!"
"I don't want to come back here at 6AM. It's .. only 5 minutes past, geeze..
How about you just sell me the meat and I'll make it myself.""We closed."
"Ok. Fine. Your little sandwhich stand is closed. Sell me MEAT here at the DELI."
"You come back at 6AM. We closed."
"FUCK this shit.." and I walk out, since jumping over the counter and putting this guys head through the meat slicer is not conducent towards stability in my life. I never liked Headcheese anyways.

Suffice to say, the little sandwhich nazi royally pissed me off. In bad way. I get home, make Galen bleed from the ears a bit (Sorry hon), and call up Safeway's 800 Nationwide number and put in a complaint. I also call the store, and to my surprise the manager says "Er, no, the deli doesn't close until 9PM ... I don't know why he was saying that. I'll go talk to him about that."

All seems well, right? WRONG!

We go to that store together. And Galen goes in to talk to the manager, because two trips to safeway should equate to at least a discount on what we wanted. I see him walking sullenly outside towards my truck after about 10 minutes.

"No Meat?"
"No meat."

A bit taken aback, I ask what happened. Apparently the manager can sing a nice song on the phone but really was just as much of a fucking wench as the sandwhich nazi. She said what was necessary to get me off the phone, but couldn't do the same in person.
She was an asshole to Galen, and was uninterested in doing anything along the lines of customer satisfaction.

So. Fuck Safeway. That makes 2 times out of 2 that I've been treated like shit and your managers did nothing about it. So my money that you're so greedy to steal, goes to your competitors now.

"No soup for you!!"

- Keman


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Feb. 11th, 2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
time for the BBB, get names and times. and write letters
Feb. 11th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
Dear K,

Sorry I've been absent from LJ lately. I've had lots to take care of in my RL lately. What I can say is that I generally trst safeway on account of prices, at least. However, that trust has recently been sliping away and will soon be awarded to Albertson's. I have your guys's numbers and will likely ring you some time soon to sing you the blues.

And hey, much love. Try not to make Galen Deaf. I wanna play him some pipe organ music some time soon :/

Warmest personal regards,

Feb. 12th, 2005 06:15 am (UTC)
sounds like 95% of the places in new york..

things i've come to expect
1.) people will be insulted if you ask them to do any work at their job
2.) its a priveledge to you if they can speak english, so therefore you have to speak slowly, and many times over and over again
3.) if you don't like it then there's nothing you can really do about it
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