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Zolpidem- Also known as Ambien, this hypnotic-sedative sleep aid is a quick acting drug that forces your mind into a state near REM. During that state you're willing to believe just about anything, including (but not limited to) I am tired, I want to sleep. Use your imagination to how far I've taken the (but not limited to) aspect. Prescription based, Schedule 4. It stays in your system for about 3-4 hours. By the time you wake up (usually 6-8 hours later or whenever your alarm clocks goes off) it's completely gone and leaves absolutely no trace. You feel GREAT as a matter of fact, very well rested. Since you spend so much time in REM your dreams can be very vivid. Unfortunately some people get nightmares instead. Vivid nightmares. It's claim to fame is it's lack of addictiveness. Aside from occasional insomnia-rebound after taking it for long periods of time on a nightly basis, very little physical addiction occurs. It's major drawback is short term amnesia. You do not want to take this stuff at a party with someone who wants in your pants unless you like waking up in their bed the next morning.

Zolpiclone- Also known as Imovane. This hypnotic-sedative sleep aid is not very fast acting, it does much like what Ambien does, only to the power of 10. So it takes a lot longer to kick in but whe it does, watch out. It is not FDA approved for sale in the U.S. yet, but supposedly will be in Feb 2005. I recently acquired some of this and tried it for the first time last night.

All I have to say about it is this: Holy Shit!

If you've ever wondered what Horse Tranquilizers (ie: Ketamine) feel like, this is it. Near-complete disconnect with reality, for the most part. My memory is hazy. I do recall (before
going to sleep in bed) Galen convincing me that he'd injected me with a syringe that had a serum in it that would turn me into a Werewolf. And I do recall believing him. Fucker. Paybacks are a bitch, bitch. :P

I was a little slow to wake this morning. It stayed in my system for around 8-10 hours, which is normal. Imovane's claim to fame is it's ability to counter early-morning-wakers who cannot fall back to sleep. It can be slightly addictive if abused.

Moral of the story: If you've got insomnia, don't put yourself through the misery of staring at the alarm clock for 4 hours, knowing that with each passing minute you're going to be that much more sleep depriven the next day. Don't come up with bullshit corny lame techniques for going to sleep. Fuck the holistic approach, embrace chemical technology with arms wide open and take control of your circadian rhythm. This stuff does a force-reset on it. Tonight .. I'll probably sleep just fine without it.

- Keman
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