Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Day at the beach

Went up to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday, with a friend, his boyfriend, and some random Delaware folks I'd never met before.  Had a great (if tiring) time, playing around in the sand, walking along the boardwalk, eating Rehoboth cuisine...  Despite being out in the sun for about 6+ hours, I managed to avoid getting sunburned...  mostly.  I somehow managed to get a sunburn on a small patch on one shoulder, the tops of my feet, and the back of one knee. 

The highlight of the day was probably the foot-wide tunnel through the sandbar that some kid dug, which quickly turned into a raging 40 foot wide torrent as the kiddie-pool drained back into the ocean.  Torrent.  Really.  Deep enough and strong enough that you could jump in and ride it out to the ocean.  Until the cops came and made everyone stay away.  :(
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