Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Two for the price of one!

Two of what, you may ask?

I'm glad you asked!  Now I get to tell you:  Two journal entries, for the price of one!  That is, free.  But combined into one post, for the price of two.  Which is also free.

This entry brought to you by kaysho, who was awakened at 3am by the sound of his phone vibrating.

Last night, at some ungodly hour in the morning - while it was still dark, and long before my alarm went off, I was awakened to the sound of...  well, _something_.  At first I figured it was just the alarm, but as my brain started engaging, I realized..  no, that's not the alarm.  Must be my phone, maybe someone sent me a message...  Wait, no, it's coming from the wrong side of the room, and it's WAY too loud to be my phone.  As I sat up in bed, I realized it was coming from...  the bathroom?  Wait, that's not right..  There's nothing in my bathroom that vibrates like that, is there?  I stuck my head in the bathroom to locate the sound...  it was my razor.  The electric one.  The one that had been sitting in its charger all night.  Apparently, it decided I was neglecting it by sleeping, and decided to dance around on top of the vanity, making _lots_ of noise.

I punched it in the gut.

It stopped.
This entry brought to you by toob, who posted about it first.

See also this article on why shoes are bad for you.  I used to walk around barefoot, often.  A few years ago, I would take my shoes off the moment I stepped out of the office, and walk four blocks to the car barefoot.  I'd walk around barefoot on campus, too.  I went to Germany in February, and hung out with a guy who was walking around with nothing on his feet - in the winter, in snow!  Then we went to a club, and there was broken glass all over the sidewalk outside.  That's when I realized walking around barefoot, no matter how natural it may be, is not a Good Idea in all areas.  Fortunately, someone's come up with a solution for that - shoes that provide essentially no "support" or "padding", merely a puncture-resistant sole to protect your feet from getting all cut up.  Maybe I'll get a pair, and go around almost barefoot again.  Might fix my back problems!
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