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Obligatory non-emo post

Since my last two posts have been of the depressing variety, I figured I'd post a positive one so y'all know I'm not turning into an emo kid.

My 4th of July weekend was pretty good!  Wolflord came over Thursday night for dinner 'n stuff.  We watched The Fountain (pretty awesome movie in my opinion, but Wolflord thought it was kinda blah), went to bed at a reasonable hour...  Next morning I had the bright idea of making breakfast, but half-way to the store we decided to just head up to Tango's for his party, instead.  I think the party was supposed to start around 6, so we showed up fashionably early at noon.  Fun was had by all, and I won at Munchkin.  Again.

Saturday, I went over to the Mirabiles' house for no particular reason.  We wound up watching TV, playing games, chatting, etc. - the sort of social activity that has no surface meaning but nevertheless creates bonds of friendship when repeated frequently enough.  A swordfight broke out Saturday night, in which I did not get my ass handed to me, but I learned that I really am out of shape.

Sunday night was dinner & poker at Cindy's parents' house.  I didn't get my ass handed to me there, either.  I actually did quite well, with fake money.  Mrs. Brock did confide in me that I look more tired than the last time she saw me...  And I don't think that's just from lack of sleep.  :-/

Anyway, overall it was a good weekend, I think it was just what I needed to cheer me up after the prior one.  :-D
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