Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit


I don't think I've ever enjoyed it as much as I have as of late. Decca showed me the pleasures of Americana and ever since I've been downing mine in the raw, no cream or sugar.

That being said, Coffee + Holiday Spiced Pepsi + Chex Mix + Wellbutrin XL 300mg = BAD !!!

That was yesterdays breakfast. I shall not make that mistake again. I had to stumble to lunch and it was all I could do to wolf down food to get my upset GI system functioning again.

I suspect a synergistic effect of the two beverages that resulted in a complete dissolve of the normally-extended-release pill.

Mmm. Bupropion HCl. Delivering male sexual side effects (ie: almost unhealthily intense orgasms) since 1999. No complaints here.
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