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This post contains a window into my emotional state. If you're not interested, please feel free to skip. If you are a friend, please feel free to read.

The trip home from Anthrocon was, alas, eventful. About 1/4 mile out of Virginia, on rt 15, the road starts getting really rough... only it's not the road. I pull over to check my tires, and see that the left rear tire is going very flat. Seeing that there is a gas station up ahead, I get back in the car and limp it there, hoping to be able to get the flat fixed. Unfortunately, the gas station there does not have a service station, or even an air pump. The spare tire is also flat, and sitting in my backyard at home where it does me no good. I had this odd feeling before the con that something was gonna happen and I should get the spare fixed, but I ignored it.

I called American Express to get roadside assistance. They cover the first $50 of the tow charge. It's 5:30pm, shops are about to close, and I have to get Yurii to the airport and other Yuri home. At some point during this, Yurii finds out his flight is 2 hours delayed, and I find out his flight is actually out of DCA instead of IAD. At some point later, we find out that his flight is cancelled and he's on a 6am flight out of DCA. At some other point, probably between those two, I give up on getting a tow right away due to unavailability of a flatbed truck (my car is AWD), and we get a cab to the airport to rent a car. I drive back up to Point of Rocks MD where my car is, we transfer all the luggage including a shitton of fireworks, and head back into VA. Since Yurii's flight is cancelled, we head around the beltway to Silver Spring to drop other Yuri off at home. By this point it's 9pm. We stop for dinner, drop other Yuri off, and head back to my place for the night. I check on some work things, get to bed around 11:30, and wake up at 3:45am to get Yurii to the airport.

Tuesday morning, after dropping Yurii off at the airport, I head home, grab the flat spare, head back up to Point of Rocks, wait for Amex to send out a tow truck, follow the truck to the tire place in Leesburg, order 5 new tires, go back to the airport, drop off the rental, go back to Leesburg and get a cheaper and more convenient car rental, and head to work.

Wednesday afternoon, I head back to Leesburg, drop off the rental, get a ride to the tire place, and pick up my car.

The above summary is somewhat disjointed because my brain was kinda fried by the whole thing. I'm not all that thrilled with how I handled the situation, from the start. Shouldn't have gone on a road trip without having first fixed the spare. Should have dealt with getting the tow, rental, etc. better. Wasted a lot of time going back and forth, probably annoyed two Yuri[i]s, etc. Should have done lots of things differently, woulda made it a less annoying, less frustrating, less depressing, less bad situation.

Having to deal with all that on the way back from AC, on top of PCD, on top of my existing mental/emotional state, etc. almost overwhelmed me. I almost broke down.

I think I could use some good friends, right about now.

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