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The Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia met today, to discuss a number of issues, mostly bookkeeping.  One of the issues had to do with who is and is not allowed to vote, and with the manner of proxy votes.  Personally, and as a brother of Federal Lodge #1, I had a strong opposition to the proposed change.  So strong, that I wrote a brief speech outlining my objections with the intent to read it before the Grand Lodge.

  When called upon, I stood at the appointed Microphone, introduced myself, and before even beginning the meat of my speech I'd lost the script by refuting a coment the previous brother had made.  I did my best to continue, though, despite some mutterings from the sidelines that I was getting too long.  I invoked the Charges, the Lectures, the Ancient Landmarks and even the Code itself.  I completed my speech (which will be posted later if I get approval) in about the time i expected, and made a parliamentary move in asking for a Vote by Lodges.  That vote was seconded and thus granted.  The floor was then open for others to speak.  A brother in the Grand Lodge, who is well known for spekaing out
and speaking quite vocally and at length when there is a matter he disagrees with stood up after me and said "Most Worshipful, I oppose this amendment, and I stand on what the previous brother just said."  It was later I found out that this was so out of character for him, so as to be a ringing endorsement of my speech.

The final blow came when the votes were counted.  I'd expected this to be a contentious issue, one could swing in the balance of a few votes, yet when cards were counted, the motion was quite thoroughly defeated.  I wonder how many of those swayed by my words.

After the Grand Lodge meeting, I had a number of Brethren, some I know, many I did not, and some I knew only as Important People, came up to congratulate me on what I said.

Whew, what a rush. :-)
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