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Dell woes

I recently upgraded my work laptop to a Dell Latitude D820, with an NVidia Quadro NVS 140M video card.  When connecting the laptop to Dell 2001FP LCD monitor at 1600x1200, the display was jittery - this occurred with two different monitors.  Additionally, 3D performance was sluggish, somewhere <1 frame per second.  Programs that utilized 3D graphics warned that the display drivers were out of date even though I had installed the latest drivers available.  So, I contacted Dell and asked for a replacement video card.  On this particular model, the video is integrated into the motherboard, so they sent a replacement motherboard instead.

The technician arrived this morning to swap out the motherboard, and when he was done, the system would not boot.  Dell's response was that I should call software support to troubleshoot the problem.  I looked on the box, and saw a *REFURBISHED* tag.  They sent out a refurbished motherboard, to fix a laptop that was 10 days old.  Homey don't play dat.  Now they're going to send out an entire replacement laptop, but it won't be here for another 10 days.  The technician had to go on another call, so he's coming back this afternoon to re-install the old motherboard.  Hope it works...
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