Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Good evening, bretheren

Tonight I sat in the east, presiding over Federal Lodge #1 as acting Worshipful Master. This is part of an ongoing program our current Master is doing, whereby the line officers rotate through the chairs, so that by the end of the year each officer will have some experience in each chair. This was my first time presiding over a lodge, and despite my own internal feelings of uncertainty, many people (including the Grand Lecturer Emeritus and a number of Past Masters) told me I did a great job. Whew! The opening and closing ritual went very well, though I did make a few minor mistakes. Business was thankfully quite simple and non-controversial, so there were no headaches there.

One highlight: Last weekend, the archives committee found amongst the lodge archives, the Holy Bible that was used during George Washington's Masonic funeral service! That bible sat on the alter during tonight's lodge. Also found was a gavel made with wood from the old Capitol building, and metal from another historical building as well as one of the great historical warships (but I forget which one!)
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