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Ever feel like you're so busy you don't have time to do the things around the house you need to do? We're going to the gym 5.25 nights a week now (3 days on, 1 day off) which pretty much kills our weeknights, and we have things planned just about every weekend from now until mid-January. Things just keep getting put off again and again.

Dec 3: Nothing.
Dec 4: DMV, gym, office holiday party
Dec 5: Recover, gym, look at garage, game

Dec 10: Gym
Dec 11: Jason's officer installation (Galen only, probably)
Dec 12: Gym, game

Dec 17: Gym
Dec 18: Gym, fly up to Michigan to get Keman's garage stuff
Dec 19: Unpack garage, return truck, game

Dec 24-26: Christmas weekend

Dec 31-Jan 2: New Years weekend

Jan 7-9: Maybe a trip to NYC

Jan 13-17: Probably going to FC

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