Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

30 days of vacation a year??

We got our paystubs today. As usual, I checked it for any errors or ommissions. Because this was the paycheck for the first pay period after my date of hire anniversary date, I checked to make sure any leave allowances went up appropriately.

To do this check, I grabbed the top paystub from my folder, being the most recent paystub, and compared the numbers against the numbers on today's paystub. I had to do the math twice, because it showed that I got 10 hours of vacation time between last paycheck and this one. That would mean an annual rate of 30 days of vacation per year. Yipes! I did the math again, and got the same result. I then checked the date on the old paystub, and noticed it was from TWO pay periods ago, not one. Whoops! :-)
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