Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Lack of sleep makes Galen a zombie.

10:30pm, Keman and I are in bed, lights are off, and I'm trying to get to sleep.  He's taken Lunesta, I've taken melatonin.

11pm, Keman is asleep.  I'm not.  Havn't even drifted off yet.

11:30pm, Keman is still asleep.  I'm still not.  I go downstairs to catch up on some work stuff.

2am, Keman is still asleep, I'm still not.  I go back upstairs to try to get to sleep.

2:30am, Keman is still asleep, I'm still not.  Keman is snoring.

3am, Keman is still asleep, I'm still not.  I try to put a breathe-right strip on his nose to get him to stop snoring.  He wakes up, and goes downstairs with pillow and blankets to sleep on the couch.

3:30am, Keman is asleep again.  I'm still not.  I've just taken some more sleeping pills, hopefully these will work.

6:00am, Keman's alarm clock goes off.  I go downstairs to wake him up.

Sometime between 7 and 8am, Keman comes into the bedroom to shower, get dressed, etc.

9:00am, I crawl out of bed and go to work.
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