Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Last night, horny_oryx told me that I should post in my journal more often.  He said I should post funny things, like jokes overheard by the water cooler, or seeing fat women buy a huge lunch with a diet coke.  I told him the former doesn't happen at my office, and the latter is just mean.  The jokes I usually tell are very, very situational, and aren't funny outside the circumstances under which they're told.  Some people would say the jokes aren't even funny when I tell them, but I think they're just jealous about my ability to come up with a witty joke on a moment's notice.

So, horny_oryx, this post is for you.  And it's a rant.

Most of the Livejournal posts I make only get a few comments.  Sometimes they don't get any.  Occasionally, Keman or I will post something that garners a dozen or so comments - usually either arguments or condolences.

Some people post meaningless drivel, and get a hundred or two comments.  Why?  Are they that popular?  Are we that unpopular?  Or do they just have fanboys because of their particular talents or contributions to "society"?

You tell me, horny_oryx.  After all, this post is for you.

P.S.  Stopped by the clinic on the way to work this morning.  I failed EVERY test they gave me.  :)


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