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I am gainfully employed once more.

Can't go into gory details here, but I will say it's for a GREAT company working with some fantastic people whom I've worked with in the past. It pays exactly what I asked for and it has good benefits. It's about a half hour commute that can become 1 hour at the drop of the hat. So there are downsides. But the big upside is MONEY!!!! Hhehee. I've been poo as of late. Spare change? Any PC2700 modules laying around from your upgrades m'lord? *jangles coin cup*

First thing I'm doing: RE-opening my Roth IRA. Time to start saving again!

I've got some people to pay back some $$$ so things will still be tight with me but it'll be good to get this offa my shoulders.

Time for a bowl of.... W00T Loops@#@#!

- Keman
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