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Fun fun.

First I'd like to apologize to Skan, the dude we shared rooms with at FC. I can't blame him for making me sick at the con, and the artwork that got messed up has been replaced so it's no big deal. Yes I was annoyed, but it's not that big of a deal- there is no point to creating drama over it.

That aside, weekend went well. Last week I installed a complete custom stereo setup in a friends CRV. Almost got it finished. Componant speakers, ipod interface, XM, Head unit, amplifier, subwoofer-- the WORKS. I even cut holes in the door panels for the tweeters to mount and they came out suh-weet looking. We had a few laughs like when we went to roll the windows down the first time in front they stopped halfway slamming into the too-deep componant midranges. Luckily we had spacer adapters that I /now/ understand why are needed. :) It was also amusing in that in the span of a few hours, 9" of snow dropped. We didn't even bother trying to move the Lightning. I just ditched it and snagged a ride home in the 4WD Honda.

This weekend I rebuilt the protein skimmer. Yay Wal-Mart and your excellent acrylic kitchen furnishings. While nosing around in Homo-Depot, I caught wind of the phrase "My overflow is leaking.." while in the plumbing section. I looked at the guy and said "Aquarium?" and he looked a little shocked "Yeah..." "Heheh. This is going to be my protein skimmer." I hold up the acrylic tubing. "Oh sweet ... hey do you know where I can get southdown play sand?" ... man oh man. Homo-Depot: The secret aquatic supply store. We had a few laughs.

I need to snag pics of the new computer desk. It is awesome and it's been nice to chill at the computer right next to Galen.

Thunderbird continues to run though I really need to put a heater core in it. *grumble*

That's all for now.

- Keman
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