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It's been a while...

And I blame Galen for not posting. :P

The weather sure has been shitty. I mean seriously. What. The. Fuck? I think I've washed and waxed my car ONCE since the winter. Oh there have been days that have been sunny, but the forecast has never shown two sunny days together, let alone enough time to make the effort worth it. The forecasts are almost worthless too ... days it isn't supposed to rain, it does. Days it is, it doesn't. My cars paint looks like crap, but noone notices because they're too busy hurrying by to avoid the sauna-like weather and monsoon-like rain. I've been here for three summers and the prior two were not like this. I suppose I don't have much room to complain compared to a lot of other people. People who do things outdoors...

Lets see... interesting stuff. Interesting stuff.

bikercheetah gave me the kind gift of my tattoo. Except not as a tattoo, it's the same design carved into a framed piece of oak. And not commissioned by me. As in ... someone simply took my design and sold it at a con. They aren't the only ones using this design, as I've found. What I haven't found was the original person who sold me the rights and commissioned it to me. They have dissapeared without a trace and apparently sold my design to other people. Oh well ... I could contact the people selling it now and raise hell but why bother?

Fireworks on the 4th of July did not happen. See the first entry: The pouring rain cancelled it and thus far I've not seen a single weekend yet where we could light them off. They sit gathering dust in my basement like some... museum display of pyrotechnics.

I need some food... maybe I'll go make galen some breakfast in bed.

- Keman
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