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I tried Windows Vista, and it sucks.

I am amazed that such a new OS could be made so craptastic. And I'm an avid windows fan until now.

For starters it wouldn't install off the DVD Galen burned. This was an official ISO and the instructions were to burn a dvd with it. Turns out you gotta burn it no faster than 2x for it to work? It comes up with a vauge error on files not succeeding in being copied. WTF? I can copy them just fine manually! What the hell is this thing trying to do??
Got past that and finally into the OS.

Immediately I'm bombarded with various windows. Despite being logged in as administrator, it prompts me for every single "power" thing I do with this new WSPPBS. What's WSPPBS stand for? Windows Security Protection Paranoia Bull Shit. This is the term I use for it, and I quickly disabled it. It questions everything you do.

But, it wasn't happy with it off. Oh no. The little red shield is back in the notification area, there to tell me how windows firewall is disabled, that I'm not running any antivirus software, etc. I try to use the old XP trick for removing it, and it doesn't go away. WTF? I go back and read what I clicked on, and to sum it up, you get two options: Yes put the icon there, OR Yes, put the icon there + annoying popups. There is no REMOVE option.

There's other parts of the OS that have "options" where you can choose between "Yes" and "Yes" ... in fact, more parts that I really care to dig up. It has annoyed me severely.

I didn't even get the fun "AeroGlass" UI "experience" ... because it decided that my machine wasn't fast enough for it. It is. But there's only this for the option of force enabling it: NO and NO.

You need help. No really, you need help. Still don't think so? Well lets help you with that...

Windows Vista 2: THUMBS DOWN. This shit will make me go buy a macintosh...

- Keman
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