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While I'm at it, and since I can't seem to get the editor to edit my last entry to add this without losing all the formatting:

My friends. There's those too. And how crappy it seems like I treat them. I wish I could say that only the people who dislike me, misunderstand me. But my friends .. they misunderstand me too. It's usually my attention span that's at fault. They don't say it, but I feel it. I know it. When I go weeks without talking to them, when I don't return their calls, when I don't ask them anything about what's going on in THEIR lives. When all it ever seems like is that "It's all about Keman" ... I know it, and I feel it. Only later though, do I realize it. On stuff like that, I'm powerless to change it. Maybe that's why they don't say anything. I _want_ to be a better friend. I'm trying to do things to improve, always. But I know it falls waaay short. Too little, too late.

Some day .. I want to be one of those people, who, whenever his name is mentioned, all that comes to mind are words of glowing appreciation and respect. What will it take to become that?

What does it mean when all the reason I have for changing myself is to better suit my friends?
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