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Today is Rabbit Hole Day

The phone is doing it's usual again. I really wish it would stop but if I stopped charging it outside I guess it wouldn't squeek at me like this.

My printer was happy today, I found dinner waiting for me in it's tray and not a single bit of food was overcooked. Much better than my stupid DVD player could come up with even when I forced it to cook.

Speaking of food, Galen and I are planning on going out to breakfast tonight. I've made reservations at Home Depot-- their lumber section is awesome and nothing makes my mouth water like the smell of fresh wood. Now the only question that remains is if we'll eat in one of the normal lines or the self checkout line. You think you'd get faster service in the self checkout line ... but I'm not so sure. It seems like a gimmick, I swear the people next to me get in and out while I wait to do it all myself.

The aquarium is aging the do-it-yourself wine kit we got over the holidays quite well. Can't wait to open those bottles and pour them out on the garden outside. The plants in the spring will be beautiful from it, hopefully.

Other than that, it's shaping up to be a perfectly ordinary day. I think I'll go out and try filling the lightning up with Diesel-- I hear it gets better mileage from it.

- Keman
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