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Allergies crept up on me this year. Yesterday I found myself on one allegra and three claritin, + prescription eyedrops.

"The goggles, they do naaathing!"

And neither did any of that. The only time it felt good, was when I was itching my eyes. My nose and throat was burning from all the pollen. It's covering my keyboard, it's on my monitors, it's covering my car. It's everywhere. We live in a fucking swamp.

Today it's not so bad. I'm on two allegra.

I have an appointment with an allergist on May 1st. I can't take anything for two days beforehand, and then they're gonna shoot trackmarks all down my arms to figure out just wtf is going on. Then I'm looking at subdermal dehyposenstization injections (allergy shots) for some ... hugely long period of time. And hopefully in a couple of years, this problem goes away.
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