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areowolf posted an entry in his journal titled "Galen, please don't read this." Uh. Great, now there's a big flashing sign saying something interesting here, but don't look! I'm gonna be tearing my hair out over this all day.

In other news, I got home from class last night to find the basement in disarray, as Keman and Decca had not-quite-finished installing a new desk next to the aquarium, wide enough for Keman's computers as well as mine. I... hmm. We'd briefly talked about the idea of putting my computer in the basement, but hadn't, as far as I know, decided that we would actually do it. My initial objection was that there wasn't enough room on the desk. Hence, a new desk. But... I dunno. The new desk was supposed to be a surprise for me (and indeed it was), but I would have preferred if we'd at least decided that we were definately going to do that, then been surprised by the implementation. Keman says I need to stop being so controlling. That's like me telling him he needs to pay more attention. I can't just "not control" significant changes in my life. And yes, moving my computer is a significant change. My daily routine involves being on the computer a few minutes before bed, and one of the first things I do in the morning, sometimes before I even shower, involves getting on the computer again. With it down in the basement, I no longer can do either of those as effectively.

In still other news, my car was making a weird grinding/squealing sound this morning as I started to drive to work. I turned around, told Keman about the noise, and took the Lightning in instead. I have no idea what the sound is, but my best guess is a stuck brake pad or something. It might be purely benign, like a chunk of ice being ground down, or it could be something far worse. Keman will (assuming he remembers; he was half-asleep when I told him) look at it today when he gets up, I think.

And because no journal entry is complete without family news... My grandfather and my sister-in-law have birthdays this weekend. Both of them on Saturday, I think. Because of schedule conflicts, we're having the traditional family dinner on Sunday instead. Now, my grandfather wants to go to a restaurant for dinner, instead of eating at home as we have for the past year or two, on birthdays. There are a few problems with this plan:

  1. He sometimes doesn't chew his food enough, and starts choking. We need to find a restaurant that will not have things on the menu that he will want to order, and then choke on.
  2. Grandma has difficulty walking, so the restaurant needs to be wheelchair accessible, and have seating that is similarly compatible.
  3. Ben and Lisa will probably be bringing Alex, my 10-month old nephew. I hate going to a restaurant and sitting next to a screaming baby, and I don't particularly want to be part of the group bringing said baby, inflicting the same misery on others.

We'll see what the family has planned. Keman's already said he doesn't want to go. That's fine, when I heard what mom wanted to do, I knew Keman would probably be staying home. Now, if only there were a way I could bail, too...

So, yeah. No response from Keebler yet.
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