Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit


Sometimes I feel brilliant and lucky. Like, so much so that I feel guilty. It's the time when everyones sack lunch is waterlogged, but I had mine in a plastic bag. Stuff like that.

Like.. this morning..

I was running late, and wouldn't you know it.. snow and ice was covering the audi. Was it stuck to the windshield? Well all my neighbors were demonstrating that it was, they were out scraping their windshields. And crap, I don't know where my scraper is! I popped the hatch and looked inside. There was a can of Prestone Super De-Icer. I picked it up on a whim some months ago and have never tried it. So I pulled out the can, and feeling somewhat unsure... sprayed it out onto the windshield and rear window.

Holy crap, this stuff works!

In a matter of seconds, all the snow and ice dissaspeared. It RAN off my window in a torrent. One of my neighbors stopped scraping in awe. This stuff literally makes the snow dissapear, instantly. I am SURE that it does terrible things to the environment if it works this fast. I sat there in awe as well, and deciding to just "go with it" I pretended that it was always supposed to be this way. Yes, this stuff works. Why don't you use it? Doesn't everyone use liquid de-icer? What's that in your hand, a scraper? We don't use scrapers in this era... I felt both amused and arrogent at the same time. Muffy darling would be proud...

So I got into the audi, fired it up, sat for a minute and drove off.

Keman: 1
Snow: 0
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