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Galens on board...

Just figured I'd post something on behalf of Galen.

He's just now boarded the aircraft carrier he'll be on for the next couple of weeks.

Can't say too much, it's all classified information.

Can say this: It's big. It's metal. There are a lot of people. It's like a city that floats. And they serve pepsi on it. (he logged before I could ask if they served only pepsi, and it would be hysterical if they served only COKE instead, hahahaaha).

It also has it's own website. I didn't get that from him unfortunately. But he did say that every ship has it's own dedicated website. I of course immediately think of some... website with a status page. And if you log in you can see real time stats if the vessle is under attack. Here at last, we could have our own casualty reports page, just like in star trek. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask Galen if there's a "Casualty Report" box mounted on the wall of every room. You know, it's that thing that every crew member must immediately access and punch in the # of crew members that fell out of the hole in the wall or were vaporized when inbound munitions tear apart the ship. How else can the captain, upon the ship being struck, be notified of casualty reports coming in within 10 seconds of the hit? :P

That's all for now.

- Keman
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