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It's funny. I keep reading^H^H^H^H^Htrying to ignore written posts on fchan while surfing for pr0n^H^H^H^Hfurry artwork. I don't read posts. I don't want to. I am JUST there for the artwork.

But I keep seeing useless drivel by this admin named "Sage Nadia"

Stuff like this:

Sage Nadia#Admin 06/02/12(Sun)05:18 No.8667 [PostFocus]
>>8663 I am curious. Does this behavior make your perception of your self actually seem tolerable?
I have not placed a ban on any of your posts in the last eleven made. In fact I don't even read them any more. However, for your reference, it takes me all of three seconds, if that to delete a post and ban the poster. Which just so happens to be less than 1/10th the amount of time it takes you to make each and every post.
So, if you wish to continue this little game, feel free. I don't mind, because it really is no waste of time for me. It is in fact very enjoyable as it helps me fill in my proxy filters.
Of course you could just go back to thinking it makes you a big tough man. But then, people here know the truth by now, don't they?

So finally after seeing enough to make me just want to not visit this site again, which would be a shame .. I decided to find out who the owner was and contact them with:

"Look.. you don't know me. I don't post on your board. I just come for the pretty pictures. But if you value your sites popularity, do everyone a favor and ditch this "Sage Nadia" admin. She takes this all too personally, and since it represents your site as a whole.. makes your site look like a bitchfest flame board. People will leave, fewer will post pics (which is what it's for), which means fewer will come, fewer will post pics, etc etc until noone views it anymore."

Then I found out this LOSER named "Sage Nadia" .. owns Fchan. O.o

Here is where I would say "OMG IM LEAVING FCHAN ILL NEVER BE BACK" .. but no. Nono. I'll continue to peruse the pretty pics there. I'll just point and laugh at this "Sage Nadia" if I ever see her in person. Ladys and Gentlemen, if you want to see how absolute power corrupts absolutely, visit It's so dissapointing when the owner of an otherwise good site makes him or herself out to be a HUGE loser. And just keeps doing it! Please please can I just figure out how to turn off the text? I need a ballgag for that site.

Reminds me of S'A'Alis and FurryMuck. But we all know what happened in that case now don't we. ;)

- Keman
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