Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Gillette Fusion Power razors

In a nutshell, they have outdone themselves again. 5 blades that really do what they claim- irritate your skin even less than the Mach 3 turbos. More blades does not equal better- I tried the Schick Quattro (4 blade) razor for a very short period of time and hated it as it ripped up my face constantly even with new blades. Like the M3 Power razor, it is battery powered for the vibrator motor inside. Exactly how the razor works better by vibrating is beyond me.. but it definitely works.

The best part is the new trimmer blade on the back edge of the razor. The 5 blade head is big, bigger than the M3. This makes it even harder to get under your nose because the lube strip takes up the first 1/8" before any blades begin. With the M3 I'd have to kind of tilt the razor up and repeatedly shave under my nose.. and as anyone knows what can happen, pushing harder against your face and repeatedly rubbing the razor over your skin = bad idea. So.. on the Fusion, you just use the single blade and dab at these areas. Presto. It's not an aggressive single blade either, Gillette defnitely did their homework at making sure that you don't accidentally cut yourself with this new feature. As with the tradition of other Gillette products, when a new one is released, the old ones get knocked down in price and the new one is listed at a higher price than the product it's replacing. However, unlike the M3/Power/Turbo series, the new razor cartridges will not fit old handles.

Price is around $11.99 for a razor + 1 cartridge. Replacements are at a staggering $28 for 8. Costco has 16 packs for $44. That's a new record for cost of blades. Is it worth it? Of course.

That being said.. will I be re-evaluating laser hair removal as a cost effective option? Certainly.

I chew through about one blade per week. That's now going to be almost $300 a year. Two years of blades will pay for several laser hair removal sessions on my face. No ingrowns, little if any shaving, the choice is clear to me. But what if I wanna grow a beard later? That's about as likely as me wanting to have a kid. No, really.

- Keman
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