Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

ABC journalists suffered 'very significant injuries'

Um. So what?

They were embedded with the US Army. They were in the lead vehicle in an armored convoy, in what is essentially a war zone (declared or not.)

Did they deserve it? No. Should they be surprised? No.

And what about the other people in the vehicle? Why don't they get headline billing as well? What about all the troops who are injured or killed on an almost daily basis? Why don't we get hourly updates on their status? Why are a pair of journalists so much more important that we have to hear about them in every news segment? Do we care more about them than we do about anyone else over there?

Sorry, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc. I'm sorry your journalists are being attacked, right next to the troops they're embedded with. However, I have absolutely no respect your decision to provide us with hourly updates on their status, when you won't do the same for everyone else who gets attacked.

This morning, the story is the headline story on In the "More news" section, "US Secretary of State says the US will not support the democratically elected Palestinian government because the US government doesn't like who won."

(Note: This post is not anti-war and should not be construed to reflect any anti-war sentiment.)

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