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We could all use a little change...

So yesterday I'm wearing one of the t-shirts I got from the con, a new favorite of mine. On it is a white wolf wearing a collar crossing his arms and grinning. There is a caption that says "I'm a son of a bitch" .. and given my parental situation and everything else, this shirt just could not get more appropriate for me to wear!

But... we're in virginia. We don't like you freaks in this part of town. Especially not faggy looking twinks like me with more than one earring and a shirt like that. Reflecting this mentality when we went into a greek restaurant for dinner, I noticed lots and lots of.. less than delightful stares when I went to be seated. They poured everyone water... and 30 seconds later walked by and silently took my water glass (full) and walked away with it. No explanation, and I think it was at least 20 minutes before there was finally a beverage sitting in front of me again. But that's ok, I entertained myself with very red-faced jolly people in a little greek conga line doing silly little dances in the center of the restaurant. I laughed at them hysterically.

As a result?

Well I just ordered some more jewelry from ... and it's looking like it's time to fill the right ear out with something. Either an industrial if I can cough up the nerve to get it, or an inner conch ring. Magic 8 ball says "Outlook not good" since, afterall, I do have piercings below the waist already and "Ouch!" is not a safeword.

Aren't I just the little late bloomer of a rebel? No there's no black lipstick for my future, I'm not gonna become Goth-Keman. I just.. REALLY like piercings right now for some reason. I dunno why I've waited this long to get some more that are visible. I think it all tied into me hiding the fact that I'm gay.. which is this push/pull relationship that I loathe.

On another note .. with posts like this, I'm certain that some of Galens friends will be rolling their eyes. Hey, I'm an offensive wolf sometimes .. and I realize this. So. To try and make things a little easier, I've re-activated my old LJ and will combo-post on our shared LJ a whole lot less in the future. All of you who don't want to offend Galen by nixing him as a friend but can't stand to read my posts.. you may now breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone else? ...

- Keman
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