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A reply posted as an entry, since this is pure delightful rant material about how shitty FC was run this year.

Galen- give people the timeframe of the art auction so they understand just how MUCH time we wasted. They got to our piece of art at ** 5PM ** ... we basically wasted the entire afternoon sitting doing nothing with our thumbs up our asses because those assholes can't get their act together and refuse to make a schedule for pieces to be auctioned off. They were well aware that there was a lot of art to auction off this year. So one might think, THINK, that it would behoove them to start ON TIME. The adult art was supposed to start at 11. Did it? NO! It didn't start until 12:30. The general auction didn't start until 1:45. Almost 2 hours late. That's fucking inexcusable, and pathetic. And NO apology was made because of it. They just smiled and carried on like a baby with gas. That's my biggest problem with Furrys in general: They are the anti-criticism. Which is great if you're a minority like me. But it sucks when it comes to real life survivability. We got there at noon. We left 5 hours later. Hungry, and irritated.

We asked politely when our piece would be auctioned off, and we were told "The pieces are picked arbitrarily, sorry." .. WHY???? The jokes from the two auctioneers were painful to listen to. Their entire act made me want to cry. Yes we all know Arlon likes to suck dick. PLEASE don't joke about it every 5 minutes!!!!!!!! If I was Arlon, I would have decked that one auctioneer by the 7th time he poked fun at him and walked off the stage. You could see Arlon cringing by the end of the show because it wasn't bothering him, it was making the auctioneer look stupid! They drew out the most useless auctions that noone was bidding on, and hurried through other auctions that a real war woulda happened on if they actually sped things up and put some pressure on. Here's a piece of advice: DONT SPEND 5 MINUTES AUCTIONING OFF A $15 piece!! ... Why is this rocket science? Why do I feel so brilliant when I hang out with people like this? I'm not that smart, hell I'm posting a rant in LJ!

Then.. I asked Phyxis (con ops) what went wrong and apparently some idiot gopher went around and took all the item #'s off the art being auctioned off at the end of the art show. Yeah. There's intelligent. I'll bet they really opened up on that guy. Not.

Ok, clue-by-four time: DONT HIRE JUST ANY WARM BODY.

We asked the guy with the radio standing post in front of the huge list of items that each person either won or went to auction. He looks competent, and he's there to answer questions. First the guy argues with us (while we're STARING at the list) that if we want to find out if we won a silent auction (before it went to the real auction), we gotta go to where the artwork is paid for. Then the guy sees what we're looking at and goes "OHHHH.. yeah. Ok. This is the list." ... DUH! ok. "Where do we go to pay for it?" He says, and I quote "You gotta go to San joe-say. It's in the san joe-say room." ... and he wasn't joking around. He really thought it was pronounced that way. I dunno who's running gophers this year, but FC needs to grow some backbone and learn to apply a little criticism for a change. Either that or start handing out hockey helmets to go with the drooling. This guy was a moron.

Another rant: No bar in the game room. The bar was there. It was stocked. It had drinks. It had beverages. It was DARK. And there was a sign that prohibited you from bringing any alcoholic beverages in there. OK, I'm fine with no alcohol. But c'mon, they could make a killing just sitting there and selling $2 free refill sodas. I managed the computer systems at a sportsbar for a while and learned that $40 worth of soda syrup lands you 1000 12 oz servings. CO2 comes in 30 lb $20 rented tanks and carbonates ordinary tap water instantly in the machine as it's dispensed. This is a cash cow. Does the hotel do anything about this? NO. They provide 1 chilled water dispenser. Whoooo! All the guys playing DDR and sweating up a storm? Here have a plastic cup of lukewarm water, yay!

Way to go FC: I had a good time. But you know what? I'm not there to analyze the con and find out what went wrong so it can be fixed for next year. And from the looks of things? I doubt anyone else there is.

Of course this is where some staff from FC come forward and say "Hey if you think you can do it better than we can by all means try, we have this and this and that all stressing us out blah blah blah." ... It's simple. The con is the same way every year. If this was the first year, I'd understand. But the game room didn't just get built yesterday. Art has been auctioned off every year. None of this is new. Come up with a game plan. Stick to it.
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