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Keman's con summary

wake, shower, fly, run, fly, walk, hi, hi, hi, hi, omg hi! eat, hi, high, high, sleep.

wake, shower, walk, walk, hi, hi, omfg hi, eat, eat, hi again! so nice to see you. hi, hi, sleep.

wake, shower, hi, hug, hi hug, hug, eat, high, high, hug, tackle, collar, high, hi, hi, sleep.

wake, shower, eat, hug, hug, hug, eat, hi, zap OW!, zap, hi, zap hug, high, omfg fun, sleep.

wake, shower, fly, sleep, fly, sleep, sleeeeep. sleeeeep.

wake, shower, work. *pants*

- Keman
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