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Windows XP = fastarrr

I spent some time working on my main machine last night. It was acting too much like a Windows 98 -> Windows 2000 -> Windows XP upgrade path nightmare. Which, it was. Finally my C: has more than 16 gigs. I upgraded from 16 to 40 to 80 and then to 160 over the years, and because of a mix of dynamic disk crap, even Partition Magic couldn't join my various partitions as one drive. You'd think it would be easy to just keep everything installing on D. Well, default install paths like C, and some things just plain refuse to work in anything but the root drive, ie: Battlefield 2's patch utility. Yes, EA Games makes retarded software. This is nothing new. Moving on ...

So over the years, since 1997 specifically.. I have done exclusionary deletes. Weeding through stuff I felt I didn't need anymore. This time I did an inclusionary backup. I took exactly the data I wanted to keep, copied it to another drive (my old 80g), then wiped my new 160 clean and did a fresh install of XP Pro with SP2.

Everything ran faster. It actually booted up with some zest to it. Then I stumbled across this site:

At first I was skeptical, fearing that it was suggesting that I download various programs that would be spyware or who knows. But after reading it and carefully plugging away at it's methodical tips .. I started to like all it's suggestions. Some were ones I already knew, others were new (lots in fact). Usually I don't go in excess downloading and installing utility programs. Don't fix what isn't broken. Well ... I figured what the hell. Lets do it all.

Once the memory has been checked and my HD initialized, it NOW takes exactly 7 seconds to boot. 7 seconds is when I have my background up and everything is done loading to the point where I can click on things and there is no delay. Holy shit!!

For those that care: AMD 2700XP+, 2G PC3200, 6800 Ultra AGP, Shuttle SN41G2, 160G WD.

This is the most major data upgrade I have done and I still have some files from 1997, including every email I have sent and received (over a gig).

Unfortunately.. I forgot to backup my bookmarks. Sometimes the most obvious is the easiest to overlook. Whoops. All of them. Gone. :P Ehwell..

- Keman
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